Trust, Safety & Insurance

At fixbee, safety is our priority. For our customers, drivers, service pros, and companies.  All drivers and service pros go through a fully FCRA compliant background check and must provide proof of current commercial insurance before they can take jobs on our platform.

Fixbee has several features to provide the safest experience possible. You can send a link to family and friends, so they know the driver's details like type of car, license plate, and best of all, can track your ride. If needed, you can use the call Emergency contact to call Emergency services (911) directly. Customers and Drivers can add up to 5 contacts to their "Emergency Contacts" list to quickly notify them of an emergency. 

After any delivery, ride, or service, we take anonymous feedback from customers and drivers or service pros to know the overall experience and improve it if necessary. 

Our customer service team is also available by email or chat to assist if needed.

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