How it works

  • Provide location details Enter your pick up location and drop off location. Use your Favourite Locations from previous trips, set the location on the map, or enter the place later. You can also add any stops along the way.
  • Choose your Moto Select the type of vehicle you want.
  • Confirm your service Choose your payment method (cash, debit cards or credit cards, fixbee wallet) and send a request to nearby Drivers.
  • Enjoy your Ride Give your genuine feedback and reviews after the ride is completed.

Fare Estimate

Our drivers are professionals and they make sure customers enjoy a safe and reliable ride. Our app also provides a fare estimate depending on the distance that they have to travel.

Our Services

Our services are provided by professionals. Some are working for themselves and some work for companies. All have one common interest, providing customers the safest, most reliable service possible at a fair price. When you hire a driver or service pro from fixbee, you are contributing directly to that individual or company. They are always working to increase their own cliental.
  • Fast & Friendly

    Get where you need to go quickly. Feel the wind on your face as you buzz through the city saving time and money.

  • Wide variety of options

    Customers have a wide variety of options to choose from. They can choose a Motorbike, Scooter, Moped or Electric Scooters.

  • Professional Drivers

    Our drivers are well trained and have good knowledge about the routes that they travel. Many times you will be surprised at the shortcuts that are available on a motor bike.

  • Safe Ride

    All drivers are licensed, insured and background checks are reviewed. They are also aware of the traffic condition of the city to ensure the fastest routes.

  • Manual Booking

    Download the App or use the website to book a ride. In the near future hotels and restaurants and bars will also be able to book a ride for you.

  • Estimated Fare

    You can get an estimated fare from the website to know approximately how much the will cost.

Our Benefits

Fixbee is a platform for drivers and service pro's. You can expect the best prices and best service from the professionals working on Fixbee.
  • Automate Ride Assign

    The Ride request will be automatically sent to nearest available Moto Drivers.

  • Easy Payment

    Hassle-free payment gateways are integrated. Pay using Cash, Card or Fixbee Wallet.

  • Reviews & Ratings

    Riders and Drivers can review and rate each other.

  • Book Now or Later

    Riders get the option to book the Moto Ride for now or a later time.

  • Real Time Tracking

    Riders can track their Drivers and share a link with friends and family for real-time with ETA detail.

  • Earning History

    A driver can have a graphical insight for day to day trips, Earnings, commission and review details.

Moto Types

There are a wide variety of vehicles available through the app. Whether you want to hire a Scooter or a Motor Bike, everything is possible through this app.

  • Scooter
  • Motor Bike
  • Sports Bike

Download the app now

Moto ride app allows the customers to enjoy a safe, reliable and hassle-free rides with the fingertips of their hand. It also offers a corrupt-free and speedy service to the customers without the entailment of any kind of inconvenience.

  • Easy download
  • Fast and User friendly App
  • Estimated fare
  • Real Time Ride tracking
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Earn more money

You can earn money in several ways. Giving someone a ride, delivering food or parcels. You can provide other services like roadside assistance, dog walking, fitness trainers, handy person jobs. Depending on your skills and what you want to do. Register today to get started.

Secure And Safe Rides, Always.

The rides offered by the moto ride app are safe and reliable. All drivers are licensed motorcycle riders that have gone through an accredited FCRA background check. All drivers have their commercial insurance coverage to protect themselves as well as their riders.

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